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Taking an integrated approach to communication consulting, we advise organisations and their leaders on how communication will best support the achievement of strategic goals.



If you want to bring your strategy to life, you rely on the commitment and engagement of people within and outside of your organisation. Ruedt Communication Consulting helps you develop your ideas and turn them into clear, concise and compelling key messages and stories that spark your stakeholders’ imaginations. We then work with you to develop an integrated communication strategy and plan that brings your narrative to life across the right mix of communication channels.


Technology innovation unlocks competitive advantage. But innovation can also disrupt established business processes and structures. While the underlying technology may be complex, communication about its benefits and impact has to be simple enough for your employees, clients, investors and other stakeholders to understand. Ruedt Communication Consulting helps you translate application features into user benefit stories, develops integrated communication strategies around your cyber risk and security programs and advises on communication for your technology change initiatives.


Change creates uncertainty. When you outsource tasks, buy another business or change your organisational setup, you will face questions. The success of your transformation depends on how well you address these questions and how your stakeholders understand – and support – your plans. Ruedt Communication Consulting helps you develop an integrated communication strategy and plan capable of addressing the communication needs of all parties involved.



  • Communication strategy development and implementation

  • Communication for change and transformation projects

  • Key messages development and positioning

  • Workshop design and facilitation (explore)

  • Strategic communication counsel

  • Integrated communication planning and management

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  • Ghostwriting for guest contributions and articles

  • Communication training and coaching

  • Q&A, talking points and news release writing

  • Executive briefings for interviews and internal communication

  • Issues management and crisis preparedness

  • Presentation coaching

Dr. Christoph Ruedt

Before founding Ruedt Communication Consulting in 2014, I worked in-house for more than 10 years in communication management roles at large international firms including UBS, Deloitte and AXA Winterthur, in both Switzerland and the UK. I managed both internal and external communications for outsourcing, change and M&A initiatives, and developed integrated communication strategies for large-scale projects. I advised senior leaders on their communications to different audiences and, as a company spokesman, helped shape the reputation and public perception of my employers.

I have a Master’s Degree (M.A.) in Communication, Business Management and Information Technology, and a Ph.D. in Marketing. This broad academic foundation ensures my advice is rooted in solid research and analysis.



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