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A series of hands-on workshops, designed to address real-life challenges and topics leaders and their organisations face. These seminars are based on practical consulting experience   with a broad range of companies, from startups to multinational organisations, and can be tailored to your specific situation and needs. 

All workshops are offered either on-site at the client’s location, at a central location in Zurich or virtually. Seminars can be held in either English or German.


Executive communication for growing startups

Duration: ½ to 1 day (depending on agreed scope)


The seminar is aimed at managing directors and leadership teams of start-up companies in the growth phase. When the number of employees multiplies within a short period of time, the customer base grows and general interest in the company increases, new requirements arise for communication - both within the company and externally.


What we will be covering:

  • How do I use my communicative strengths in a growing organisation?

  • What pitfalls do I have to watch out for?

  • How do I formulate and convey effective messages?

  • What role should I play as a leader in positioning the company?

  • How do I organise the communication tasks in my company?

Your added value:

Participants develop actionable ideas on how to incorporate leadership communication as a key success factor in building their business and define how they want to carry out their own role as a communicator.


CEOs / managing directors and members of the leadership team

Exploring and expressing your business’ purpose

Duration: ½ to 1 day (depending on agreed scope)


Why does your company exist? What would the world be missing if your organisation no longer existed tomorrow? The answers to these questions serve as a North Star against which strategy, communication and all actions can be aligned. The aim of the workshop is to explore your own corporate purpose and to put it into words.


What we will be covering:

  • The role of a purpose - in life and in business

  • Does a company need a purpose?

  • What makes a strong purpose?

  • How does the question of the "why" of our actions differ from the questions of "how" and "what"?

  • How can we bring our corporate purpose to life?

Your added value:

Participants learn how a meaningful purpose and business success are connected and answer the questions of "why", "how" and "what" for their own organisation.


Executives and employees who want to explore the topic of purpose

Developing a strong change story for successful transformation

Duration: ½ day


Change is the only constant, so the saying goes. Nevertheless, leading change processes to success remains a major challenge. A decisive factor for the success of change initiatives is effective communication. The change story forms the basis for this.


What we will be covering:

  • Change management models and the role of communication

  • Why a strong change story is essential for successful and sustainable change

  • What are the characteristics of a strong change story?

  • What does the change story for my project look like?

  • How do I use my change story effectively?

Your added value:

In the workshop, the participants develop the cornerstones for their project's change story and thus create a unifying element and the basis for successful communication of change processes.


Leaders who want to achieve sustainable change; managers of change initiatives and projects; communication professionals who support change projects

From data to stories: positioning your business through research

Duration: ½ day


Studies, statistics and surveys can be used to position an organisation on strategic topics and increase its public visibility. However, there is often a lack of knowledge about how existing information and findings can be presented in a way that is appealing to the public or how to collect data that makes for interesting stories.


What we will be covering:

  • Why studies and statistics work well in PR

  • Where can I find interesting information in my own company?

  • How can data be collected efficiently?

  • How do I find research questions that lead to interesting stories?

  • How do I prepare existing information for communication purposes?

  • Where can results from studies and analyses be used in communication?

Your added value:

Participants learn how existing data from surveys and analyses can be used in communication and what is important when planning studies that resonate with the media. They identify opportunities in their own company and develop actionable ideas for public relations.


Communication, marketing and (market) research experts

Corporate communication and PR for marketing professionals

Duration: ½ day


In many startups and SMEs, marketing specialists take care of various communication matters. The seminar is aimed at companies that have not yet created a position for corporate communications and PR and cover those tasks with their existing marketing staff.


What we will be covering:

  • How do marketing and corporate communications differ?

  • Where are the similarities and how can I use synergies?

  • Why marketing texts are rarely well received by journalists and what kind of content is attractive to the media

  • How can corporate communications be organised efficiently? 

  • How can we organise ourselves internally in order to make use of existing know-how and skills?

Your added value:

Participants will learn how to broaden their marketing perspective to efficiently and successfully perform and support key corporate communications tasks.


Marketing officers, marketing managers and their supervisors


Following the seminar, an individual coaching arrangement can be agreed upon request to accompany the development of competencies in the field of communication and PR.

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